NF comes to Portland

Rapper Nathan Furstein visited the Moda Center as part of his ongoing tour


Talia Yake

Nathan Feuerstein performs in front of a smoky red-lit backdrop. Feuerstein was at the Portland Moda Center on Oct. 8.

By Talia Yake

     After releasing his newest album “The Search” on July 26, 28-year-old rapper Nathan Furstein (also known as “NF”) announced he would be coming to the Portland Moda Center on October 8. Furstein’s music has inspired thousands of people around the world with his captivating lyrics and his slogan, “Real Music.”

     The concert was opened by the growing artist “Kyd the Band” who captivated the audience with his smooth voice and touching lyrics. After the opening performance, the anticipation grew in the audience as Furstein prepared to take the stage. The crowd screamed his name while one rather eccentric crowd member stood up on the rail and led the entire audience in a slow clap to bring out Furstein.

     Furstein initially took the stage covered by a sheet with his silhouette illuminated by white lights. Once the beat dropped in his opening song “The Search” the sheet dropped with red lights filling the Moda Center, followed by a roar of cheers and screams as the rapper was finally revealed to the audience.

     The only downside of this concert was the fact that the lines for certain seats were disorganized outside the Moda Center before the concert started. Crowds of people who were in line for the general admission floor were moved three times before they were placed correctly. Some people who had GA tickets found themselves in the VIP line, or vice versa. This only made people’s frustrations grow, but these feelings would later fade as they made it to their seats.

     Overall, despite the frustrations, the concert had people leaving with smiles on their faces and their ears ringing from the overwhelming bass and drums. Furstein has made and will continue to make an impact on his audience as he continues his tour.