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POV: You're on Online School

POV: You’re on Online School

The lingo of CDL (continued distance learning)
By Deja Fitzwater and Sophie Fenton February 24, 2021

“I am going to present my tab for the SEL lesson in Nearpod! Tell me if I am on mute, and please type your answers in the chat if your cameras are not on since you only woke up five minutes ago.”    Since...

A common sight during vaccination season as a nurse extracts medicine to give to a patient.

Germs, Flu, Cold, and Corona

The effects of Coronavirus during the holidays, and the community effort to keep people healthy.
By Deja Fitzwater, Editor January 24, 2021

   “Covid is a type of coronavirus, similar to swine flu. The virus infects the lungs and air sacs, causing fluid and inflammation,” RN Sadie Fitzwater said.       Fitzwater worked on OHSU’s...

Students Angered by Riots at the Capitol

Students Angered by Riots at the Capitol

By Sophie Fenton and Deja Fitzwater January 19, 2021

Around 10:00 EST, Jan. 6, 2021:  United States President Donald J. Trump held a rally inspiring the Save America March down Pennsylvania Avenue. “We’re supposed to protect our country, support...

Google profile picture changes shock students. By 4th period on Monday, many students in Hillary Currier's Introduction to Publications class still had last year's photo as their Google Meet icon.

Profile picture change surprises students

By Talia Bair, Intro to Pubs November 24, 2020

     Over the weekend, the profile pictures of all the TTSD students changed to their previous year’s school photo.       The district office sent an email to students explaining that teachers...

During Freshman Orientation 2019, freshman Isaac Lafohn and junior Anthony Salazar tried to pop balloons back-to-back. It wasn't as easy as it looked.

Link Crew switches things up

Distance learning makes for changes in connecting freshmen to upperclassmen
By Aubrey Jordan, Yearbook Editor, Staff Writer October 12, 2020

     Link Crew Leaders help freshmen stay connected during their first year of high school.       In the past Link Crew has been responsible for leading freshmen through their first day of school...

Student and community volunteers work to sanitize food before sorting it. So far, Packed with Pride has collected commitments from over 500 volunteers.

Persevering with Packed with Pride

The program aims to unite community volunteers to collect food, books, and other supplies for families in need during the Coronavirus outbreak
By Meghan Turley, Co-Editor in Chief March 18, 2020
The program aims to unite community volunteers to collect food, books, and other supplies for families in need during the Coronavirus outbreak
Although TTSD cancels school on March 13, students could come in and pick up books and computers. A group of junior boys wandered through the empty science hall.

Life as a student: canceled until further notice

The school district and Governor's office agree: school out until the end of March to slow coronavirus
By Katelyn Wilhoit and Olivia Niemi March 13, 2020

     COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus has become the word of the day after the country, state, and this school district have come out with closures, rules and regulations on how people are meant...

The typically crowded Four Corners was lightly traveled during passing period on March 12. Gov. Kate Brown announced restrictions on school activities at 10 p.m March 11.

Unity Day canceled to coronavirus

Governor Kate Brown's announcement last night led to an emergency delay of Unity Day
By Ashley Sample and James Favot March 12, 2020

UPDATE: As of most recent update, Tigard High School will be closed until March 30 as part of a district-wide effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus.        Almost as soon as the first...

Sometimes students hear things in the hall that hurt, but the district hopes to address this issue. Rather than hiding incidents of hate speech, Tigard hopes to open a conversation.

This is The Voice … of Tigard

Unity Day on March 12 is just one of many ways the district and students have been trying to bring the community together
By Ashley White, Staff Writer March 11, 2020

     Tomorrow marks Tigard High’s first Unity Day, representing a time to unify students and staff of all races, religions and sexualities. The day is designed to give students an opportunity to...

According to the cdc,, and one in 5 students suffer from mental illness.

Ferris Bueller had it right all along

A new law gives students the right to take a mental health day
By Ashley Sample, Staff Writer March 9, 2020

Story originally published in the January 2020 edition of The Paw, our quarterly magazine.  Ferris Bueller had the art of skipping school down to an elaborate art form. Most students aren’t that...

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