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Know your why. On Dec. 1, when many students left class to protest, some made a decision to stay put.

Know your why

By Meileen Arroyo, staff writer January 11, 2022

     On Dec. 1 at exactly 11:05 a.m., students headed to the commons to protest against white privilege after a video of a fellow Tigard high student perpetrating hate speech arose on social media.      The...

At the Oct. 17 game students rush the fence by the field. It was the first time of the year that students had ventured down from the stands hoping for a chance to rush the field.

Students say: “Let us rush the field!”

By Elle Ervin, Staff Writer November 18, 2021

     After football games on Friday nights, students want to be able to rush onto the field to support their Tigers, like in past years, but since COVID, that has been restricted.       Due...

Willow waits patiently by the door to Ann Schoblaskes math class. She left her work at school to be united with her human on Oct. 29.

What do you get when you cross a dog and a calculator?

By Abbi Elliott, Editor In Chief November 10, 2021

     A friend you can count on, or math teacher Ann Schoblaske and her service dog in training, Willow.      Schoblaske found that sharing pets was the best way to get her students engaged...

Choir Director Robert Hawthorne leads a practice for the fall musical All Together Now! The show will be performed by 2,500 theater groups across the country from Nov. 12-15.

Thespians Are “All Together Now!”

By Meileen Arroyo, staff writer November 5, 2021

     After a full year of online school, members of the thespian club are ready to get back on stage and perform in this year’s fall show: All Together Now!”      "All Together Now," showcases...

One Month In, And Covid Protocols Continue To Cause Controversy In Schools

One Month In, And Covid Protocols Continue To Cause Controversy In Schools

By Ruby Kastrava and Bryce Petersen October 19, 2021

The transition from online school to in-person has been complicated. Getting the students into the school while keeping them safe means masks, social distancing, and vaccinations.      “I love...

Junior Alyssa Thoren dances her way down Durham Road. On Oct. 8 some homecoming events continued as usual like the parade and football game. Powderpuff and the dance were postponed.

Homecoming? Mostly …

By Madi Vogel and Sophia Simonetti October 14, 2021

   With things (mostly) back to normal, students were expecting one of more well known events of the year to happen—the homecoming dance. When the news that the dance would be canceled hit on...

A band member shows support for the LGBTQ+ community during the halftime show at the game against Newberg on Sept. 24. The school supported equity groups during club rush on Oct. 13.

Club Rush: Find a place Where you fit in

By Katarina Ilic, Staff Writer October 12, 2021

As students settle into the new school year, one question has arisen: Where are the affinity groups?      One thing Tigard has always promoted is the importance of student safety, making sure students...

Students make their way back to class after lunch. Passing periods between classes have been shortened from 10 minutes to 5. Students and staff have feelings about this change.

The 5 minute race

By Mia Dodson and Aréana Mann, Staff Writers October 4, 2021

 It’s the beginning of the school year and many students and staff at Tigard are already expressing concerns with the new schedule—specifically the new five-minute passing periods.       As...

McKenzie Coulsons style of teaching put students in front, leading the way while she supports them. She realized she wanted to be a teacher in college and never looked back.

Putting students in front

By Jesse Lucas, Staff Writer September 30, 2021

Q: Why do you feel teaching socjus is important? A: I think probably the largest reason is for the student voice. I think a lot of students feel very passionate about many topics, and while they might...

Mark your calendars

By Deja Fitzwater, Freelance Reporter September 29, 2021

       On Wednesday, Sept. 29, leadership teacher and ASB Advisor, Jesse Abell, hosted the year's first ICC Breakfast Meeting in his room at 7:50 a.m. At such an early time in the morning,...

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