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Protests Around the Nation

In early June graffiti covered boarded up storefronts in downtown Portland.

By Deja Fitzwater, Online Editor

September 17, 2020

     Whether people call it peaceful protests or riots, communities around the nation have seen a summer of unrest. Sunday marked the 100th day of protests in Portland.      Originally enraged by the death of George Floyd, protests and riots started all across the United States. The invitatio...

Students react to distance learning

Distance learning creates a different type of first day of school. Students in Hillary Currier's third period class shared their reactions.

By Staff

September 14, 2020

     By their third period class, students had time to settle into the new distance learning routine. Alarms annoyed, pets played and technology teased as the school day marched on in bedrooms and kitchens and dining rooms around Tigard. Here’s what some of the students in Hillary Currier’s digital ...

Time to be with family

Deja Fitzwater and her grandmother play cribbage. Fitzwater has been living with her grandparents since distance learning began.

By Deja Fitzwater, Staff Writer

June 12, 2020

     The week after the postponing of Unity Day was a blur for me, and I can’t remember doing anything other than some household chores or finishing up some random school assignments that were given to me the week before.        I suddenly found myself packing my bags and being sent out of Ore...

Final Inspection

Although the courtyard is still a mud pit, the building is coming along around it. The business wing, commons and athletic wing will be ready for students in the fall.

June 4, 2020

     On the first day of our freshman year, my peers and I walked into a building where everything was new and uncertain. The future lay ahead of us, as unknown and mysterious as all the halls and rooms there were to explore. From the beginning we were encouraged to find our passion, or anythin...

The noctural education of quaranteens

Without a typical school year schedule, teens do work into the wee hours of the morning. Hannah Currier worked on a slam poem for her language arts class, the room illuminated by the light of the computer screen.

By Deja Fitzwater, Staff Writer

May 26, 2020

          Being at home all of the time can definitely throw off students schedules, whether that means when they go to work, or when they do their homework, the agendas have changed.  This also includes the amount of downtime that adults, teens, and children have as well.      A schedule...

The Red Cross continues work during pandemic

In this archive photo from the 2018 NHS blood drive, a student donates blood. Red Cross blood donations have changed during the coronavirus pandemic, but the effort continued and the supply of blood stayed strong.

By Ashley Sample, Staff Writer

May 20, 2020

     Donating blood is an essential activity even during a pandemic.      Due to the quarantine, many non-essential businesses and programs have come to a stop, but the Red Cross continues to collect blood in order to help save lives. I have been working as a volunteer because I’ve alw...

TikTok recipes add excitement to long days of quarantine

Dalgona Coffee: This whipped coffee drink is refreshing and addictive. It was easy to make and tasted great.

By Maria Sotelo, staff writer

May 8, 2020

     Even before the quarantine, I’m sure that most of us have spent hours upon hours staring at our phone screens just to procrastinate and do our homework the day that it’s due. Whether your platform of choice is Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or Facebook, that platform of choice has quickly ...

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey!

Bailey's everywhere! Can you tell who is who? From left to right: Principal Brian Bailey, math teacher Derek Bailey, and math teacher Stuart (Stu) Bailey.

By Olivia Niemi and Katelyn Wilhoit

April 23, 2020

     Have you ever mixed up the Bailey's? Have you found yourself on your way to visit Stu’s math class instead of Derek's, or maybe confused principal Brian Bailey for a math teacher? Don’t worry- this happens to the best of us. With three Mr. Bailey’s in the school, it can be confusing to ...

Now teens worry about their screen time? 

Annette Hernandez is a full IB student who knows she must limit her time on her phone because it can distract her from her studies.

By Ashley White, Staff Writer

April 17, 2020

     Life has changed so much after writing this article. It started as an article to look at the effect of student screen time on health. Students were losing sleep playing games and going on social media at all hours. They were getting distracted by their phones when they should have been doing sch...

Softball’s foul balls cause trouble for the javelin team

The javelin throw area and the softball field sit adjacent to each other in the southeast corner of campus. In past seasons, foul balls would land in near the javelin runway.

By Ashley Sample, Staff Writer

April 15, 2020

     The cancelation of spring sports bought time for Tigard to solve the space conflict between the softball program and track and field—specifically the dangerous area beside the varsity softball field and the javelin runway.      “The javelin competitive area and practice area is rig...