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BeReal pushes users to be authentic on social media. The app has become popular among teenagers.

New social media app encourages people to “be real”

By Molly Fast, Staff Writer May 24, 2022

     BeReal is an app with a simple concept: get a notification, take a photo of what you are doing at that moment. No filters, no editing, just your authentic self. While that may seem boring to...

Sophomores Ava Hernandez and Adrien Palomo check out the job board in front of the College and Career Center. It is a great time to look for a summer job.

For Hire: Here’s how to get a summer job

By Sarah Dear, staff writer May 12, 2022

     Summer is coming in less than seven weeks, and I already know that I’m definitely going to get a job as soon as I get out of school. And I'm sure many other impressionable people like me and...

Should 16 year olds be able to vote?

Should 16 year olds be able to vote?

By Molly Fast, staff writer May 12, 2022

     A movement across the nation to lower the voting age from 18 years old to 16 has been gaining momentum for nearly a decade, but should teenagers be allowed to vote?       Unlike the...

Junior Tasneem Jabrah explains that everyone has implicit biases that impact the way they perceive others but its their responsibility to humanize those that dress modestly or immodestly. I understand youre showing your skin because you feel like it, and not because you want to give anybody attention just like how Im wearing what I want to wear for me, Jabrah said. I mind my business and I hope people do the same for me.”

Cultural dress code: a discussion

By Meileen Arroyo, Staff Writer April 5, 2022

     Why do we dress the way we do? The answer seems obvious, “because it’s my style and I like it. What else?” A few weeks ago, I wore a slightly bolder outfit and was planning on wearing it...

In Cosmos, author Carl Sagan traces the origin knowledge of scientific methods and theorizes about the future of science. The novel teaches readers more about their place in the universe.

Cosmos: a review

By Jack Blouin, Staff Writer April 1, 2022

     Cosmos by Carl Sagan is a science book originally published in 1980, ranging from the topics of cosmology to the history of human discoveries. The book was well received by many who read it, whether...

Michael Scher teaches CE2, which stands for Community Experience for Career Education. He doesnt believe that parents hurt a students chance for success. He talked about the desire to succeed being intrinsic.

Did my parents hurt my chances for success?

By Areana Mann, Staff Writer February 22, 2022

     As humans, we tend to be a collection of our lived experiences and surroundings, even those we cannot control. Our actions, thoughts, and even personality traits are often influenced by our past...

On Friday Jan. 7 the 3rd period yearbook class has many empty seats. Half of the students in the class were absent. The news the first week back to school after winter break was dominated by the absences of staff and students created by the omicron variant.

Will omicron put us back online?

By Jesse Lucas, staff writer January 7, 2022

Back to school      It would be a lie to say that the transition back to in-person school amidst a pandemic has been smooth. It hasn't been smooth at all. But the student body has managed. However...

A student pulls out her laptop to take notes in class. Technology has changed the way students learn.

Pencil or keyboard?

By Jesse Lucas, staff writer January 7, 2022

     During class my teacher told us now would be a good time to take notes. I instinctively reached for a pen and paper and was greeted with the sight of everyone in my class reaching for their chromebooks...

Students weigh in on Starbucks holiday flavors. In the video, Junior Megan Cavanagh and freshman Addison Flint tried out four different drinks.

Thumbs up, thumbs down for holiday flavors

By Megan Cavanagh, staff writer December 15, 2021

     It is the time of year when the air is getting colder and there is talk of snow in the air. Getting ready for the warm cheerful feelings that this season brings. In response, coffeeshops are...

The bathrooms in the lower science are closed due to vandalism. Students in the language and science hall have had a long walk to get to the bathroom.

The long walk

By Molly Fast, Staff Writer November 10, 2021

     On Oct. 18, there was a surprise taped on bathroom doors around campus. It was a pale pink sign that read, “These bathrooms are closed due to vandalism.” Almost a month later the bathrooms...

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