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The Effects of the Eagle Creek Fire

James Favot, Jared Debban, PJ Doolin, Liam Futrell, Megan Le, Tim Galvan, Allegra Wesson, James Canfield, Makayla Schmierer, Grace Curry, Avery Smith, Aidan McDonald, Kaitlyn Wornath,, Staff Writers

  As the orange sun rose into the hazy grey sky on the first day of school, the seniors had a Senior Sunrise unlike any other due to the Eagle Creek Fire that still raged on in the Gorge.   Timeline   Starting at around 4:00 ...

September 19, 2017No Comments

Welcome back Tigers

Welcome back Tigers

Jamie Favot, Liam Futrell, Megan Le and Kaitlyn Wornath

The band roared and the crowd cheered; the cheerleaders danced and the choir students sang their hearts out. The back-to-school assembly, as per usual, was filled with positive energy to welcome the student b...

September 8, 2017No Comments

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A club for everyone

Grace Curry and Kaitlyn Wornath, Staff Writers

Club members handed out free stuff from S.T.U.D.D. headbands to candy to bracelets, while a person ran around in a pizza costume.  All in all, Club Rush went smoothly once again. The effort seemed to have paid off for the club members who had meticulously painted their colorful posters and signs to attract the wandering eye. Junior Tyler Walker, captain of robotics tech team, is taking the s...

September 22, 2017No Comments

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Portland’s best ice cream shops

Portland’s best ice cream shops

Avery Smith

When it comes to  Portland weather, you know there are really only two main seasons of the year, wet and dry. During the long hot days of the summer, people need a way to stay cool under the beat...

August 3, 2017No Comments

Vacation spots this summer

Hallie O'Connor, Staff Writer

Sunriver   Sunriver is located in Deschutes County, Oregon about 3 and a half hours south of Tigard. In the summer Sunriver’s weather tends to be warm and dry allowing there to be man...

June 21, 2017No Comments

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