Built by Boschma

New athletic director steps in after 13 years with Boschma.


At senior awards assembly, Karson Boschma gets a hug from his dad.

By Anna Mimnaugh, Staff Writer

Tigard-Tualatin School District’s Board of Directors gathered during the fall of this year to make a decision on the future of the Athletic Director position at both Tigard and Tualatin High School. They came to an agreement that position would become an administrative position, combining Associate Principal and Athletic Director. The Athletic Director position was previously filled by TOSA’s, or Teachers on Special Assignment. 

     TOSA Athletic Director Alan Boschma has filled the position for the past 13 years. His three kids have gone through the school and he has been heavily involved in the Tigard community. 

     “My favorite memory of Boschma is at the senior assembly where we get to present the award of female and male athlete of the year,” said Sheryl Reedal, the current athletic secretary. “It happened that his oldest daughter was receiving it and he could hardly get the words out because he was crying and so incredibly proud of her.” This year, Boschma presented the award to his son, Karson.

     Of his 13 years, Boschma has created many memories at Tigard. 

     “I love to watch kids achieve, especially the ones that have struggled somewhere along the way and then come out and have some success; whether that’s in the classroom or on the court, wherever,” Boschma said.

     Boschma said getting to watch kids put work into something, develop, and become successful has been his favorite part of working at Tigard. 

     When Boschma arrived at Tigard, the school was dealing with many challenges. 

     “We had to change the culture of the school along with athletics,” Boschma shared. “I was a part of a group that got to build a culture and I am most proud of that culture, what is now considered the ‘norm.’”

     In Boschma’s time here at Tigard, he has been a part of creating the well known Power T logo, the Hall of Fame, and remodeling the athletic facilities. Additionally, during his time at Tigard, athletics has become an extension of the classroom as a co-curricular, instead of an extracurricular. His main focus while at Tigard has been to create an athletics department with passion, purpose, love, and pride. 

     Heidi DeHaan, a PE teacher and head coach for the varsity girls basketball team has worked with Boschma over the last 13 years. 

     “One memory that stands out to me is this year for our basketball playoff game down in South Medford,” said DeHaan. “He made the drive all the way down there to support us and then bought the girls In-n-Out.”

     Megan Sarles, the athletic trainer here at Tigard has also worked closely with Boschma this past year. His absence will affect her job completely. This past year she has had many memorable moments with Boschma.

     “I think the most memorable was maybe the drive down to Roseberg for the playoff football game. Alan drove myself and another coach and we had great conversation,” Sarles said. “He spent, frankly too much of the drive quizzing us on high school mascots. His knowledge of the inner workings of the OSAA is a little scary to be honest.”

     Boschma has taken pride in creating meaningful relationships, memories, and a family environment with coaches and players during his time at Tigard.

     “His dedication to come travel that far for our game just shows a lot about who he is. There were also lots of memorable times in his office, coaches’ Christmas parties, end of the year barbeques at his house, just fun times together,” DeHaan said.

     “I learned, I grew as a person, as a parent and as a professional based on my time with him and I hope he is ready to get lots of phone calls because I will absolutely still have questions for him even if he isn’t in the building,” Sarles added. “I will truly miss his guidance, his humor, his compassion and his friendship.”

     Boschma deeply cared for the athletes and coaches he worked with during his tenure at Tigard.

     “He checks in on me, sees how the day is going, checks on the injuries and needs of the different teams. More importantly than all of that, Alan comes in and takes the time to care about me, my family, my upbringing, my background, my philosophies on sport and medicine,” Sarles said. “He lets me vent and joke and complain about the ins and outs of my job.”

     Boschma’s indispensable impact on Tigard High School and its athletic programs will be felt for many years to come. 

     “Alan was the backbone of this athletics department. He created an atmosphere of mutual respect, admiration and care. We are a family. We are all now faced with the task of carrying on the legacy that Bosch built,” said Sarles.

     “He’s been a great friend and leader for coaches,” said DeHaan. “I think we’re all better for what he’s done for this program. He will be dearly missed.”

     The athletic department will be even more affected because Sheryl Reedal, the athletic secretary for the last 15 years, is retiring. 

     “I know I would not have made it through my time at Tigard without her and her support and love,” said Sarles. “She will be missed as much as Alan in that office by the whole athletics community.”

     Reedal and Boschma were a team in themselves working together in the athletic office. 

     “We worked well together right off the bat because we could do our thing and then help others,” said Boschma. “We always divided and conquered together.” 

     Reedal has worked with Boschma over almost her whole career at Tigard.

     “I will miss Boschma so much.  One of the reasons I am retiring this year is I can’t imagine working with someone else,” said Reedal. “It has been my honor to serve him and the Tigard athletic community.”

     Principal Brian Bailey shared the history of the athletic director position and the changes that come with the new administrative position. 

     “First and foremost, that job by nature is equivalent to other administrative jobs,” Bailey said. “The position had previously been reduced from an administrative position down to TOSA 13 years ago as a money saving option when budgets were really tight.” 

     Now that Tigard has less issues with budgets, the position is being changed to an administrative position. The responsibilities will remain the same as before, other than being able to supervise and evaluate staff.

     After the district made the decision to update the position from being filled by a TOSA to the administrative position, they reached out to the current athletic directors while also opening the job to other candidates outside of the district. They ran an application process where 9 applicants were reviewed by administrators from Tigard and from the district. Then, seven of the applicants were given online video interviews that were used to identify the three candidates that came in for in-person interviews. When narrowing the candidates down to the final three, they were looking for someone who had previous coaching experience, previous athletic director experience, and somebody that would diversify the staff and school leadership. Each of the three candidates chosen met two of those three qualities. Because Boschma doesn’t have his Administrative License, the district was going to sponsor him through the Oregon Teachers Standards and Practices Commission for a Conditional Assignment Permit for up to three years or until he completed the program. 

     “I’m excited that the position is now going to be valued for the work that it does but it’s been a very challenging and difficult process to run when trying to identify what are the needs of our building and our community, and who’s going to be the best fit for it,” Bailey said. 

     Ryan Taylor, the new Athletic Director/Associate Principal will begin the job on July 1, 2022. Taylor does not have any previous athletic director experience but was previously a coach and educator at Independence High School in Arizona where he became the Chair of the PE department. He then served in physical education and coaching roles at Montbello High School in Colorado. He is currently the Chair of the Physical Education department at Regis Jesuit High School in Colorado.