New social media app encourages people to “be real”

BeReal app gains popularity amongst teenagers for its authenticity


BeReal pushes users to be authentic on social media. The app has become popular among teenagers.

By Molly Fast, Staff Writer

     BeReal is an app with a simple concept: get a notification, take a photo of what you are doing at that moment. No filters, no editing, just your authentic self. While that may seem boring to many, I believe it’s the kind of social media that teenagers need.

     Many social media platforms push the idea that having likes, shares, and tons of followers as the only way to receive validation, and teenagers are more vulnerable to believe it.

     BeReal on the other hand encourages users to be raw and authentic in the moment. Rather than spending hours scrolling to find the perfect picture to post, users have a two minute time window to take a photo. 

     The way the app works is that everyone with the app gets sent a notification at the same time once a day. From the time the notification is sent, users have just two minutes to take pictures with their camera, front and back. Users can still post late after the notification as well. Then the photos are shared with friends on the app and everyone gets to see what they are doing right then and there. 

     I downloaded the BeReal app in April as a recommendation from a friend. I was curious about it and have been pleasantly surprised with how much I’ve enjoyed the app. 

     One day the notification will come right as I wake up, hair a mess and in my pajamas. Another day it will be when I am all dressed up in a cute outfit. No matter how I look I’m not afraid to post because all my friends are in the same boat of authenticity. 

     As someone who has been active on social media from a young age, BeReal has been a refreshing way to share photos. Since everyone posts around the same time, I spend less of my time scrolling and comparing myself to what I see on my feed.     

     A study done by the National Institute of Health revealed that teenagers that spend more time on social media often are subject to a lower self esteem. Teens that already have a higher risk of anxiety and depression are more vulnerable to feelings of isolation and loneliness due to unrealistic depictions of life on social media. 

     Apps such as Instagram curate photos to appear in a user’s feed, but oftentimes those photos don’t depict the authentic moment. However, over the last month I’ve seen a lot more of my friends downloading BeReal and have been able to see little snippets of their real lives. 

     After using the app for a few months, my fellow classmates shared their opinions on BeReal.

     “I love the atmosphere of the app,” junior Ava Paule said. “It’s so chill and nobody cares what you look like, it’s just fun.”

     Sophomore Ryan Johnson had a similar review. 

     “Compared to other social media, BeReal has been a huge reality check,” Johnson said. “Most of us aren’t living extravagant lives like all the people I see on my feed.” 

     Overall, I feel like more teenagers need to download BeReal to start having a healthier relationship with social media. It may be just an app with a simple premise, but the atmosphere that has been created is one where you can be authentic and “BeReal”.