For Hire: Here’s how to get a summer job


Sarah Dear

Sophomores Ava Hernandez and Adrien Palomo check out the job board in front of the College and Career Center. It is a great time to look for a summer job.

By Sarah Dear, staff writer

     Summer is coming in less than seven weeks, and I already know that I’m definitely going to get a job as soon as I get out of school. And I’m sure many other impressionable people like me and you are looking for a summer job too! Though you might be a little lost on where to start, I’ll help you in this article of resources.

     Starting off, when you want some quick access to job listings, try searching for job recruit websites. A good place to look could be There are a lot of jobs there for sure with many different requirements, so if you don’t fit one criteria there’s many more to look for. SimplyHired also has a lot of descriptions and details on their listed jobs, so if you’re looking for specific benefits, time, or pay, it will be easy to filter through your desires. Not all online hires have to come from SimplyHired though, there are other sites similar that also do the same, such as and a lot more if you just search for them.

     Maybe sitting in your chair and looking at boring plain lists of jobs isn’t for you, in that case, you might like to participate in a job fair—a large expo with stands of companies that want to recruit you! You can find these events also on websites, such as, put in some filters and there will be dates and locations given to you on when and where these fairs will take place in your area.

     More on being active looking for jobs, have you ever noticed all the “Help Wanted” posters in your local grocery store? Even in school, the halls are scattered with recruitment posters and QR codes! 

     If you have questions about jobs in general, Jill Sims in the college and career center is a good person to talk to. You can find her in the office by the Tiger Cage.

     “First go to your career center and look at the job board then, take the initiative to apply for it,” Sims advises. “Keep an eye out for recruitment posters in stores, there are also many jobs out there for kids who don’t want to go to college so there will be jobs for kids with high school level education.”  

     Next to the doors to the center is the job board, a whole corkboard of a lot of job posters that is open for every and any student.

     Inside Student Services there’s also many form papers of programs fit for high school teens that need jobs. 

     And resumes? Check Naviance; they provide this really cool feature that can format your resume!