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5 Gifts You Can Get Somebody on Valentines Day (or any day) To Represent Your love

  1. Flowers—who doesn’t like them? They’re beautiful and people enjoy receiving flowers. Types of flowers can mean something different to different people.  If you know somebody’s favorite flower is daisies, get them daisies. It shows care and attention when you give somebody flowers that they have previously mentioned they liked.
  2. Chocolate. Whether it’s milk, dark, or chocolate with almonds—it doesn’t matter. Chocolate is a sweet (or bitter) treat that anybody will appreciate on any day of the year. It may not be the most thoughtful thing on this list, but it’s something that anybody will enjoy receiving.
  3. Jewelry. If you’re buying anybody jewelry at any time of year, they’re going to appreciate the thought and motivation behind it—even if they don’t like the piece. If you give somebody a piece of jewelry, it shows that you’re willing to spend money you worked for, on them. That’s important to some people. However, if you don’t have the money for “expensive” jewelry, just get something pretty. Even cheap, pretty jewelry can be easily appreciated, because it will show the person you love that something (hopefully) reminded you of them.
  4. Books are another great gift. By sharing with someone a book that you found or read, it can show that you thought of them when you read or saw the book. It just shows attention.
  5.  Number five I’m going to leave up to you – is there anything that somebody you love has mentioned in the past that they want? Get them that. Gifts can be so much more meaningful than something that you can get anybody. Just try to think of something that that person has mentioned. What matters most is that you care enough to get them something. 

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