To Tigard, from publications

We made some Valentines about our favorite spots in the school.

By Meghan Turley and Maddie Cooke

Love is in the air, especially at Tigard High school. From the vibrant construction, to the overflowing student masses in four corners, beauty and infatuation surround our school. There is no other school that is more romantic than ours. The long romantic walks from parking in Cook Park is incomparable, and the sparse eating areas around the building always find a way to warm your heart. Don’t even get me started on how cute it is when the building doors lock you out; it is always something you can count on.

Since our school is clearly the spotlight of this Valentines day, we decided it would only be appropriate to make Tigard High Valentine’s for your significant other. There is no other love quite like the one at Tigard, so enjoy these specialized Valentines from us to you.