Rocket Fizz bubbles with character


Avery Amith

Rocket Fizz offers a variety of sodas flavors with unusual names.

By Avery Smith

     When you first enter the Rocket Fizz Soda-pop and Candy Shop. you will be greeted by a statue of a silver protocol droid from “Star Wars” gently ushering you into a sugar-filled utopia of sweets, goofy toys, and unrealistically flavored sodas. Shopping at Rocket Fizz is undoubtedly considered an experience to remember. Their selection is vast, satisfying, exotic and sometimes tear jerkingly hilarious.


     Rocket Fizz has everything a candy lover could ask for, classic candy bars, like Kit Kats and Hershey’s, crazy variations of those said classics, like like massive boxes of milk duds  foreign delicacies from Japan and other countries. Besides candy there is an entire wall of the store dedicated to witty t-shirts. Another section is devoted to saltwater taffies (with flavors from plain vanilla to watermelon), and tons of random cardboard cutouts of new and current movie stars hang out in the store rafters for sale.


     Not to mention, they have a mind boggling selection of sodas you can’t find in your average grocery store.With crazy flavors like turkey, ranch, worm ooze, dog drool, and zombie brain juice. Don’t worry those flavors are just fronts for real ones like kiwi-pineapple, or mixed berry. Novelties are everywhere, some edible, and some worth mounting on your shelf. Like dumb 50’s switchblade combs and handerpants (underpants for your hands).


     The experience itself is great, you walk into the store with the checkout in the middle of the room, with all sorts of products to the left, right, behind, and even above you. Nothing is hidden away in the background, though there is Pac-Man and Galaga in the corner if you have a quarter or two to spare.


     Rocket Fizz is a perfect candy store experience, with good products, hilarious merchandising, and charming flare to their establishment and their wares.