Lionheart: Serving coffee with bravery and courage


Allegra Wesson

Lionheart Coffee Co. located at 11421 Scholl’s Ferry Road has a cool coffeehouse vibe.

By Allegra Wesson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

    Nothing beats the fresh smell of coffee when you walk into a cafe. Portland is known for its coffee culture, but there are also a few local places go to in Tigard. Lionheart is one of my favorite cafes that I’ve stumbled upon in Tigard, with friendly service, a variety of drip options and occasional seasonal drinks. I’ve been there quite frequently and had an enjoyable experience every time.

    What makes Lionheart different from the other cafes that you could choose from? There’s several reasons, but one of the first things that I noticed was their atmosphere, which I believe is important for any cafe. Various art is always displayed on the wall, which is pleasing to look at. The shelves are decorated with cups, and a vintage looking bicycle stands at one end, which is a unique decoration. Quiet indie music can be heard playing in the background. The seating is designed not to feel too cramped, and there’s a few different places to sit, with seating outside and a quieter room in the back. Hip succulents decorate most of the tables. Overall, it feels welcoming and relaxing: a place that you can lose yourself in for a while.

Photo by Allegra Wesson
Lionheart Coffee Co. located at 11421 Scholl’s Ferry Road has a cool coffeehouse vibe.

    Their coffee is always of excellent quality. I usually have their mocha, which is perfectly sweet and blends the chocolate and coffee flavor together elegantly. The blend is not too heavy, nor too dark, and is exactly what I’m looking for from a cup of coffee. The price for a 12 oz. is $4.25, about what you would expect for the area.

    Lionheart also provides a variety of brewing options. This includes brewing it through a chemex, aeropress, french press, or a kalita. A menu explains the difference between these options and the effects on the coffee. You’re invited to sit at their brewing bar to watch your coffee being made, which takes a few minutes. They also sell these devices, so customers who like the brew type can  make it at home.

    The baristas are very helpful if you are confused about anything and they are always accommodating. I’ve never had any negative experiences with any of them, and have found them to be quite friendly. One time, they were cleaning out some of the older pastries, and I got a free cookie.

    Other than coffee, they have a variety of tea options supplied by Jasmine Pearl, offering a few different green, black, and herbal teas. There’s an option to get a pastry with your meal; from scones to croissants, they have you covered. Breakfast sandwiches can also be purchased if you need something more substantial

    Sometimes they will have unique seasonal drinks. My favorite would have to be their blackberry and lavender white chocolate mocha they serve during the springtime. They also having seasonal drinks like pumpkin spice during the fall and eggnog lattes during the winter. Their pumpkin spice option was definitely better than what Starbucks could have ever provided.

    Another unique aspect of the coffee shop is their offering of “cuppings” that usually occur once a month. This is basically like a wine snob event for coffee addicts, where multiple different roasts of coffee are used and provided for free. I have not yet been to one, but I plan to in the future, as it sounds like an amazing event and perfect for coffee lovers.

    Overall, Lionheart is an excellent cafe where you can easily lose yourself for a couple hours chatting with friends as you’re sipping on a delicious roast.

Location: Lionheart Coffee Company, 11421 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Beaverton, OR 97008