Tigard softball ten runs McKay

By Sydney White, staff writer

Each girl takes her turn up to bat, one after the other, each with different goals in mind while also sharing the same goal, making it around the bases to the place she initially started.

The varsity softball team greatly improved throughout the league season, working together to be successful. Tonight, the Tigard girls played a home game against McKay to determine who moves onto the next game. They ten runned McKay also with one extra score for each team, finalizing the score at 11-1. This victory moves them into the first round of the 2014 OSAA playoffs.

“We really came out and showed them who was the better team,” stated sophomore Katy Warren.

The league season has wrapped up but the Tigard softball team has just began into the playoffs for this year. With hard work, dedication, and teamwork they made it to where they are now, proceeding into the playoffs. Make sure to watch out for updates on upcoming games and support the softball team throughout their journey.