Daily workout move: Superman/Banana

By Teddi Faller, Business Manager

This move has been around for a while, but I feel like Tony Horton, founder of the exercise program P90X, does the superman the best.

The superman is a simple ab workout that you really feel. All you do is lay on your stomach and stretch your arms and legs out and up, arching your body upward, so that only your  stomach touches the ground.

Horton has his own twist on this move. To make it a bit harder, you flip on your back and do the opposite leg/arm motions. This move is the banana. Your back is the only part on the ground with your legs and arms stretched up and out from the ground.

To really feel it, start with a superman and hold it for about 15 seconds then flip over, WITHOUT dropping your arms and legs flat on the ground, to the banana and hold that for 15 more seconds. Keep flipping back and forth, gradually increasing the rate at which you flip. Once you’re flipping over about every two seconds, finish your last rep and end with a superman, holding it for 30 seconds.

To make these moves harder, keep your arms and legs just above the ground. If your legs are shaking, you’re doing it right.