Debban gets the goal, boys defeat Tualatin


Jose Salguero

Teammates celebrate with Jared Debban after he scores the game’s only goal in the boys varsity soccer defeat of Tualatin on Sept. 12.

By Maria Sotelo, Staff Writer

Jose Salguero
During the Sept. 12 game versus Tualatin, senior midfielder Ivan Orozco (8) recovers the ball from an attacker (8). The ongoing rivalry between Tigard and Tualatin made the game very intense. “Even though it was hard game we felt confident we were going to win,” Orozco said. The final score was 1-0.

     The boys varsity soccer team played their first conference game on Sept. 12 against school rival, Tualatin. Varsity player Senior Jared Debban scored the team’s winning goal, leading them to their first triumph in league play with a final score of 1-0.


    Every seat was full, people even stood, as many had came out to support the team wearing black attire to coordinate with the black-out theme of the night. 


     Varsity player senior Sergio Islas felt the pressure on the field. “Everyone was giving their best, going in hard,” Islas said. “There were barely any shots on goal throughout the game because that’s how intense it was.”


     Having lost their previous game against Centennial, the team had to prove to themselves 


   “We were missing a lot of things last game,” Islas said. “We were missing our captain and we were just lost most of the time.” Senior captain, midfielder Trevor Smith missed the Monday game because he was on a college visit, but another factor might have been that the team doesn’t regularly compete on grass.


    Because of it, junior Ariana Pineda had her doubts about the final result. “I wanted to see the first game of the season and I thought we were going to lose, but it was fun and the team ended up scoring,” Pineda said.


    Coach Angelo Simonetti was more than satisfied with the outcome of this game in comparison to the last.


     “We are getting better game after game and I’m really happy about how the team performed tonight,” Simonetti said on the night of the game. “We have a lot of room to improve, but I think overall we did really well.”


     To prepare for the season, Simonetti trained his players hard over the summer to help them to get to know each other so they could be at their fullest potential. He has high hopes for the team and believes that they can make it to the state finals this year.


     “I believe in this team; this team is the best,” Simonetti said. “They’re amazing,”