Tigers break Timberwolves winning streak


Jose Salguero

Junior Midfielder Trevor Smith (3) creates an attack play against two defenders from Hillsboro High School. Tigard won 1-0.

By Maria Sotelo and Katelyn Wilhoit, Staff Writers

     The boys varsity soccer team defeated Tualatin at a home game on Oct. 2, with a final score of 3-2. The close game filled the Tigers with pride as they broke the Timberwolves’ winning streak.   


    Varsity player sophomore Nick Leinberger only played for a short amount of time but still contributed his part in the game.  


    “We’re both two undefeated teams, one of the three in the state, so we ended up taking their undefeated streak away and that felt pretty good,” Leinberger said.


    Players Rasheed Tahuni and Oscar Jacinto scored the goals of the night. The triumph was a near tie since the third goal was scored during the last 15 minutes of the game.  


    “It was the game of the year for us because we know that Tualatin was undefeated so far and we have to perform as well if we want to be league trophy in the state champions,” Coach Angelo Simonetti said.


    Needless to say, the game was full of excitement and tension. Leinberger could feel the pressure between the two teams.


    “I think people were starting to get annoyed. We were trading the lead back and forth so players weren’t that happy,” Leinberger said.   


    The stadium was filled on both sides as everyone came out to support their team and see the two rivals’ intense game play out. Former Tigard soccer player junior Baqer Al Rikabi, who is also varsity player senior Sajjad Al Rikabi’s brother, came to support his team.  


    “I support them ‘cause they’re family and I love soccer,” Al Rikabi said. “The intensity of the game and everyone on the team is like family to me.”


    Although the Tigers were victorious this time around, they faced difficulties earlier in the season. On Sept. 5’s away game at Scappoose, the Tigers won but suffered an injury to one of their players. Junior Carlos Valdovinos partially tore a ligament.


    “I’ll be out for the rest of the season, but I’m hoping that I recover in time for playoffs,” Valdovinos said.


    In the end, while the team did suffer a few bumps along the road to victory, they were still able to take down their ultimate rivals, the Tualatin Timberwolves.


    “I love the way the crowd responds to the game,” Simonetti said. “I love the way we played then came back. It was the kind of good and happy ending story for us tonight.”