Freshman girls are in the zone

Winter Sports Brief


By Caitlyn Cannan

Basket after basket, girls freshman basketball kept making their shots, as they got ready for their games. The girls got in the zone as they warmed up and got rid of pregame jitters. The warm-ups must be working. As of Jan. 18 they are 10-4-0.


“You never know what the other teams are going to bring to the court, but I know that we will always bring our best and bring the competition,” Head Coach Heidi DeHaan said. On the sidelines, DeHaan always feels that it is important to uplift the girls if they are having a bad day or game. “There will always be mistakes made,” Dehaan said. “We just need to focus on what was good, and keep on working.”


DeHaan’s coaching has a big impact on the girls. As for the team, they were pretty happy with the turnout of the first game. They fought hard in a 29-21 win over Silverton High School.“We can only get better from here, and saying that we won our first is pretty good,” post Rachel Denham said.


Even from the stands, fans can tell that the team is connecting, the way they communicate and know what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are, truly working together as a team. “This team is definitely closer than most of my previous teams, in a way we have to make connections to each other which is what makes this team so special,”  guard Makayla Wilson said.


“I know we will continue to become closer through the season,”  Denham said.


The team will continue to fight hard throughout the long season, and hopefully kick some butt while representing Tigard.