Long time no see, Tualatin

TTSD teams meet again in the playoffs


CJ Hilgaertner

Right before the lights went out, Jakob Harrold dives into the end zone.

By Jared Debban

Hello, Tualatin. It’s been so long since we last met. The Tigers are playing the Timberwolves Friday for the second time in two weeks.


The Tigers won their first playoff game against Barlow in a close battle at home, with a final score of 42-35. The second round is at home again. It is a green out, so be there to support your Tigers.


The Tigers won two weeks ago 28-6 at Tualatin, pulling through after an unusual start when the game was moved over to Tualatin after the lights at Tigard went out. Power was lost around the area which affected the stadium lights, causing them to all go out and end play at Tigard High.


Athletic Director Alan Boschma then collaborated with both Tigard and Tualatin coaches and Superintendent Ernie Brown to decide what the next step was going to be. “There is no normal protocol for the stadium lights going out, we had to come up with a plan and eventually send everyone over to Tualatin,” Boschma said.


Tualatin was eager to move the game over to their field to earn the home field advantage when it was supposed to be Tigard’s; however, it was OSAA guidelines that said the game must be played by midnight to count for each team’s playoff rankings that made all parties eager to make the move.


One thing that helped the process was the police presence at the game. The officers used their patrol cars to provide some light on the field and then walked out onto the field to keep things together. “The police presence helped keep things calm and orderly on the field,” Boschma said. They eventually provided the players with a police escort over to Tualatin to get the game started back up.