Water polo winning by waves

By Laura Masters, Staff Writer

Tigard High School’s JV girls and boys water polo teams have a successful season ahead of them. Throughout the fall season, the team’s bond has really helped them communicate and end up with great results.

John Ruzicka coaches girls’ water polo, boys’ water polo and the swim team, “We have a really young JV girls team this year, but none the less, JV
is learning quick,” Ruzicka said. “Our boys’ team recently got second place at their tournament,” Coach Ruzicka said. “The boys team has a mix of upperclassmen and lowerclassmen,” junior yearbook photographer CJ Hilgaertner explained.

There are many freshmen on the girls’ team such as Jaime Cavalli and Peyton Weltmer. Both feel that the team is a very fun experience and are glad to be there. Weltmer on the JV girls water polo team shares her enthusiasm for her team and teammates. “I love them all so much. I think we will do pretty well; we’ve been practicing more; the goalies have been working hard; so I feel we have a good shot at winning these next games,” Weltmer said.

The team’s practice consists of warm-ups, drills, and occasionally a scrimmage. All the time they spend together is continual bonding. “We are just a big family out there,” Coach Ruzicka said.

Water polo is a fall sport, so it starts before school, giving the players an opportunity to get to know each other. “Our season consists of practices, weeknight games, and tournaments,” Welmer explained. Once water polo ends, most of the players from JV and varsity take part in the swim team which starts in the winter.

If the swim season goes as well as their water polo season, then Tigard’s water sports should have a successful year. “There’s no animosity amongst the players, so it is going to be a good year,” Ruzicka said.

CJ Hilgaertner
Freshman goal-keeper Addie Green blocks a shot from the opposing team, Lake Oswego. Tigard’s JV team won the game 10-8.