Girls varsity lacrosse

By Shaenna Soon and Amanda Aman

The Girls Varsity LAX team has improved immensely from last year. Despite a loss, they still have maintained a positive attitude. Sophomores and players Sophie Spisak and Shannon Conroy share their thoughts on the season and team.

“A goal of mine is that we win more games than last year”, says Spisak. “The team is definitely stronger then last year though.” This year’s team is a majority of sophomores, which is quite different in comparison to last year’s “grade diverse” team.

“My personal goal is to make more assists because we have some great shooters on the team”, says Conroy. “I think this season our team will do really well because we already have beat last year’s record. Also, because of our teamwork”. Both Spisak and Conry started playing lacrosse around 4th and 5th grade and have been playing since.

The coach, Emma Pierce, shared her thoughts on the team as well.

“The team looks great. I think the connection the players have with each other on and off the field is an integral component that will help the team succeed this season,” Pierce explains. “My favorite part about coaching are the players. I love seeing the growth throughout the season with each and every individual on the team”, says Pierce.

Coach Emma Pierce also explains how not only are there goals to reach highest potentials on the field, but also further developing of a group of players that remain confident and motivated.