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Freshman baseball

James Canfield, Student writer

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Tigard’s freshman baseball team is currently sitting at a record of 8-3 overall, and 3-1 in league games.

“The team is doing a great job hitting the baseball, and we even have a dinger [home run] from Caden Stinson,” said Coach Greg Bial. “Our pitchers are solid and we don’t really have any belly itchers [lousy pitchers] this year.”

“I think our team is doing well communicating on the field,” said freshman baseball player Hayden McDonald. “When we’re playing defense, we always have someone pointing out a possible situation if the ball is put in play.”

While the team is doing well so far, Bial and McDonald suggested that they have some room for improvement.

“I’d like to see more moonshots and shoestring catches before the season ends.  That’s where we need the most work,” said Bial.

While Bial’s baseball slang may be confusing to non-players, McDonald put his response in much simpler terms.

“Something that we need to improve on is our energy coming to the field,” said McDonald. “We need to make sure we keep the intensity high and when things go wrong we pick up other teammates.”

The team’s next home game is on April 21st against Sherwood at 4:30.

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