Varsity softball

By Eva McConnell, Student writer

With a loaded schedule, practice every other day of the week, and games that last hours on end, the girl’s varsity softball team is off to a busy start as they begin their journey to playoffs. With pre-season nearing an end on Friday and a current record of 7 wins and 4 losses, along with 99 runs scored and 54 runs allowed, OSAA has ranked Tigard as 16th in 6A competition.

When asked about the chemistry of this new team consisting of mainly juniors and seniors, junior  Amanda Prince explained the girls’ relationship, “We all have a great connection. We pretty much all come from different friend groups but there’s no drama or split groups. Our motto this year is ‘move as one’ and our goal is to fulfill that motto.”

The main goal for the team this year is to win the Three Rivers League and of course, crush Tualatin, who they’ll be playing on April 20. Marc Jolley, the assistant coach for the team, feels that they have a strong lineup although they do play a little inconsistently. And even with the long practices, they always try to have fun.

“The team is working really well together. They are a fun group to be around and a fun group to coach, which always makes it a positive experience,” said Jolley.

With determination, hard work, and teamwork, these girls are intimidating competition that shouldn’t be taken lightly.