By Jaden Guerassio, Staff Writer

The Tigard Army raises spirit on the field and in the stands; it consists of the student section, led by the juniors and seniors who  pump up the crowd and football team.

Throughout the entire game,  students stand and cheer for their team. Multiple chants are cheered such as “I Believe” which is a chant led by a chosen senior to pump the crowd up. The Fight Song is another song to pump the crowd up lead by the cheerleaders with a corresponding dance. The whole Tigard Army dresses to impress with fun themes. These themes include the black-out, pink-out, camp-out, and many more.

Sophomore football player Justin Grant appreciates the Tigard Army. “We love them cheering for us, it makes us want to do better, In my opinion we have the best student section in the state,” said Grant. The Tigard Army isn’t distracting for this player who swings up to Varsity. “It totally pumps us up,” said Grant. “When we’re out there and they are up in the stands screaming and cheering for us, we love it.”

Senior Tyler Munoz is a fan in the Tigard Army section, present at every game. “It’s fun when you’re doing it with a group of friends and just having fun,” said Munoz. “I’ve never really had a problem with the themes, they’re all pretty cool, they’re not too crazy or over the top. I like them cause they’re simple and fun.”

The Tigard army is dedicated, full of energy, and has the willingness to support their school. It is important to have a spirited, supportive student body to support the boys on the field.