Digging for wins: volleyball struggles to find early momentum

Photos by Hannah Curry

Photos by Hannah Curry

Even though the girls are 2-7 in league games, Head Coach Robert Coelho is optimistic. He has been coaching volleyball for 27 years. He’s been coaching at Tigard for 12 years and nine of those years at the varsity level. So Coach Coelho knows a thing or two about success.  “We are right in the middle of our league. We need to keep working hard, stay positive and hope to stay healthy and we will be fine,” said Coelho.

Senior varsity player Jenna Horton has been playing volleyball throughout her high school career. “I put in a good amount of training. My coaches and parents have filled me up with what I need so that I can go out and play,” said Horton. According to Horton, the season has had its ups and downs, but she expects to finish with some wins.

Effort is always the forefront of Horton’s mind. “I think each player should put in 100% effort all the time and as long as they do that the outcome doesn’t matter,” said Horton.

The team has nine games left to go. The next home volleyball game is 6:30 p.m. Oct. 6. The girls would love to fill the stands.