Championship defeat against Central Catholic

By Taylor WIlhoit, Staff Writer

It took the state champions to stop Tigard. The football game didn’t turn in the Tigers’ favor with a loss of 0-49, but it ended with tremendous support on and off the field. Both teams ended the season with a 13-1 record, but ultimately Central Catholic was the team that went home with the trophy.

“I just wanted to win so badly,” said freshman Maysen Chesler, whose brother,Jacob Chesler, is on the team but out with an injury. The phrase was repeated many times after the game by scores of Tigard fans.

After 14 Central Catholic points in the first half (junior Ronnie Rust) and 14 in the second (junior LaMar Winston and Rust), the Tigers left the field to cheers of love and support from the white-clad student section. When the players left the field the Rams cheerleaders graced the audience with routine to “Jingle Bell Rock.” Things got real when the Tigerettes showed them how it’s done right after. The nationally acclaimed dance team did their famous “Hey Baby” routine that pumped students up for the second half.

With 14 Ram points (senior Tyson Cooper and senior Sean Dack) in the third and 7 in the fourth (junior JJ Wells), the state champion award was given to the red and gold team in a 49-0 sweep.

After the game, senior Tysen Prunty of Tigard was named the Oregonian’s high school football honor roll winner for the last week of November.

“Well, obviously Central Catholic is the best team in the state, but our players have had a memorable season,” said head Tiger coach Craig Ruecker to Oregonian reporter Jen Beyrle. With a 13-1 record, there were games that were close, and some that were hard, but the whole Tigard Army was behind the team every step of the way.

“[The best part] was joining in on all the chants and cheering on the Tigers,” says sophomore Marshall Smith when reflecting on the past season.

As the whole Tigard Army- from players and coaches to parents and students- gathered on the field, a hushed silence spread among the crowd. Amidst tears, the players hugged each other as they ended the football game together for the last time.

“We played really well, both teams are obviously amazing and that’s why we both made it to the state championship. No matter the score, we love our tigers,” says sophomore Camryn Flint.

After an amazing, undefeated season, the Tigard Tigers take home the 2nd place in the 2014 OSAA championship.