Onwards to football finals

By Taylor Wilhoit, Staff Writer

Playing against the West Salem Titans in the 6A semifinals, the Tigard Tigers pulled another win with a final score of 17-14. Leading 10-0 at halftime, the Tigers had to fight for a chance at the finals in the second half. With an interception by senior Tysen Prunty and a touchdown by senior Brady McGetrick- both in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter- that made the game for this 13-0 undefeated team.

“The highlight was probably when Tysen intercepted the ball with about 50 seconds left. That sealed the game for us,” said junior Conner Crist.

“When we won I jumped up and down and was screaming. Everyone around me was screaming,” says freshman David Stanley. After the close Jesuit game last week (42-41 in 3rd overtime), Tigard is set out to prove that they will not give up.

“We come out 100% and finish 100%,” senior Challa Tusse proudly declared about his football team. And finish they do. This will be the first time that Tigard has gone to the state finals under the direction of head coach Craig Ruecker, and after an undefeated season it will be well deserved.

“It is so great that we’re going to state my freshman year. And undefeated too! It’s like a miracle,” Stanley says. His excitement reflects that of the whole team’s, and much of the school’s too, as the student section was again full, with people cheering their players along.

“[We’re] going to prepare by watching film and following the game plan the coaches create for us,” says Crist about preparing for the upcoming game next week.

Crist is getting ready with the rest of the team for the finals next week against the Central Catholic Rams-who beat the Sheldon Irish 65-21 in their semifinal game. And everyone is waiting to see if the Tigers can pull ahead and beat them, or if the Rams will secure their second consecutive state win.