Tigers win first playoff game 70-49 recap

By Maddie Fiorante, Newspaper Editor

The first playoff game for the undefeated Tigers’ season against David Douglas on Friday night was, no surprise, an impressive win for Tigard. With a final score of 70-49, the two teams brought as much offensive force as they could gather for a combined more than 1,000 yards of total offense.

David Douglas may have scored first, but try as he might, opposing quarterback senior Hunter Davis was no match for the dream team of seniors Landon Floyd and Tyler Walker. Tigard ended up scoring six out of the seven times they were in the zone, and pulled ahead in the score before halftime.

As always, the state-famous Tigard Army was chanting and “ooh-ing” throughout the game while being decked out in camouflage clothes, hats, and painted faces to show their spirit.

Thanks to the encouragement from the crowd and determined team, Tigard will continue in the playoffs with a 10-0 record.