Tigard’s volleyball team wins their last home game of the season

By Sydney Dauphinias, Staff Writer

Tigard’s Varsity volleyball team hugged one another with huge smiles on their face, thanks to their most recent victory against the St. Mary Blues. It was their last home game of the season, and for some senior team members, it was the last home game of their volleyball careers.

St. Mary’s is one of Tigard’s biggest rivals in volleyball, so they were nervous going into the    game. “We didn’t really know what to expect. St. Mary’s always does really well,” says Senior Sasha Hershey. “Even though we were unsure about it at first, we really played our hearts out- and it paid off.” Tigard won two out of three of tonight’s games, which were all very close.

Senior Rachel Coggins says, “We were stumbling a bit for a while because I think emotions were running so high with it being Senior Night. But overall I feel like we played well.”

During the game, both teams were giving their own teammates high fives and cheers of encouragement at every given opportunity. Not only were they being supportive of each other, but they had the audience on their side too.

“I love the student’s chant when we get a point. And wow- some of the parents were the loudest that I’d ever heard!” said junior Lauren Vanriper, who had been a spectator at the game.

With it being such an emotional night for the team, they were luckily able to put all of that energy and passion into their game, giving Tigard yet another victory!