Welcome to 6A, Tigard beats Sherwood 49-28

By Taylor Wilhoit, Staff Writer

The football field buzzed this Friday as the Tigers took on the Sherwood Bowmen. All of the stadium seats filled, leaving only standing room by the time the game started. With a tied score of 14-14 at half-time, the Bowmen were giving the Tigers a run for their money. At halftime the school’s marching band debuted their show “My Muse.” They were followed by the Tigerettes and the pep band performing “Gimme Some Lovin’”. After halftime the Tigers pulled ahead to beat the Bowmen 49-28.

The Tigers run onto the field while the crowd cheers from the stands.

Senior Nikko Thomas said, “I think we started out slow, but I’m really glad because we rallied around it and we really got out the second half.” Thomas, being a key player in the game, was very pleased about the Tigard victory. This is Sherwood’s first season in the 6A league, after being the top of their bracket last season in 5A. A promising game, people poured in from Tigard and Sherwood to watch the high schools battle it out on the field.

Junior Conner Crist said, “We’re used to having big crowds. We’re used to the noise, we just played our game and played it well.”

In a packed stadium, fans cheered their schools on in one of the biggest games of the season. The Bowmen were represented in white, and the Tigers had a green-jersey out. Senior Ashley Holzgang said, “I was just trying to represent my tigers” after winning the most spirited award along with fellow Senior Kevin Gress. It was a great game and in the end it was the Tigard students who stormed the field with chants of “I believe that we have won!” echoing across the field.