Changes in the science hall and dean’s office

Holly Paris becomes a dean and Ian Garrett and Kaleb Reese take over her classes


Ashley Sample

Holly Paris enjoys her new job as a dean. At the start of the year, she was still teaching three science classes, but at the semester, she moved to a full-time job as dean.

By Ashley Sample, Staff Writer

Liz Blodgett
Ian Garrett starts his 4th block Physical Science class. He joined the science team at the semester.

     The new semester has brought new changes to the science department. Holly Paris, IB Biology and Ecology teacher has become the school’s new dean of students. Ian Garrett and Kaleb Reese have taken over her classes. 

     Paris defined a dean as a relationship navigator. She helps students with their relationships, not only with each other, but with teachers as well. She helps keep students accountable through their daily actions, attendance, and safety. 

     “A few years ago I got my admin. license; it was a possible avenue just to keep my options open,” Paris said. 

     She said it was a really hard decision but after 10 years of teaching science, she was ready for a change. 

     “I am excited to work with Paris,” Chris Westover, campus security staff member, said. “She is the best person for the job.” 

     Westover had already been working with Paris as coaches for the cross country team. Westover interviewed for the security job in October since she already knew Paris and the school well. 

     “I taught my students nothing is ever permanent and never say never, so I’m not going to say I’ll never go back into the classroom but right now I’m loving being dean,” Paris said. 

     I’m really passionate about science and also being a woman in science because there are very few of those in the science department,” she said. “The best part about teaching is developing relationships with students and learning about their lives.” 

     “My hands are in the whole student population [now] whereas when I was just in the classroom I saw 200 students a year, and that was it, and so I could only help those students,” Paris said. She said she will miss getting students excited about science and will also miss dissecting mink heads. 

     “I’m ecstatic,” Reese said. “I’m super excited to take over for Paris. Not because I don’t like Paris; Paris is awesome, but I just want to teach stuff up my alley like microbiology because that was part of  my graduate degree so being able to teach that is really cool.” 

     Reese taught Physical Science, freshman Biology and Chemistry in the past. He will now be teaching IB Biology: Organisms and may continue to teach Physical Science and freshman Biology but is uncertain.

     Ian Garrett will be taking over some of Paris’ classes. He is now teaching two ecology classes and one physical science class. He was Jarman’s student teacher in the 2018-2019 school year and chose to return to Tigard. 

     “Tigard has a great student body and the faculty is really supportive,” Garrett said. He has an educational background in marine biology so he is looking forward to that unit. 

     “Paris has big shoes to fill so I won’t live up to her but…”

     “He was awesome, well organized, very professional, and he’s really good as far as working with kids and has a lot of experience coming in,” Jarman said of Garrett. “Obviously, last year working in the same classroom, we built a pretty good relationship so now working in the same building in different rooms teaching the same courses is really cool because I get to see him develop into a teacher but also work with him and plan curriculum.” 

     Jarman believes Garrett will do a great job and hopes his position will become full time.