Fall trends

By Eva McConnell, Staff Writer

With fall in session, it’s time to start turning in your sandals for boots, and shorts for jeans. So, what exactly should you wear to keep warm and still be trendy? From spending my time people watching in the hallways at school and at the mall, I have come to the wonderful conclusion of this year’s fall fashion, and careful guide on what not to wear.

For girls, outerwear is the most important part of the outfit. With so many coats out there, what is the ideal coat? For rainy days, a classy black or tan trench coat will keep your clothes dry and you stylish as you head to and from school. If you’re more into a boho look, a fun green or grey army trench jacket should do the trick. Getting on to the main piece of the outfit can go of either two ways. One, a floral dress with fun tights or for a more casual look, a simple blouse with skinny jeans. To top it off we of course need shoes! Dr. Martens, from combat to Chelsea boots and even to oxfords, gives a mix of sophistication and edgy persona. For a simpler look, knee high boots or black wedges gives a classy and elegant vibe during school. If you’re not much for shoes, converse high tops or Birkenstock sandals are a nice and trending alternative.

 Boys, time to leave your sport shorts in the back of your closet, and gear up for fall fashion. Even though you can’t wear your usual shorts and shirts, a way to still stay sporty is by wearing a classic sports or letter jacket. For the colder days, a nice plain long sleeved sweater is a nice fit or a simple crew neck shirt. Bottoms are a bit harder to address since most boys consider shorts and elite socks an all year trend, but with the right pants, you can still look masculine and in style. The typical pair of jeans are a good start or a simple pair of tan pants will do just fine to stay warm. Shoes in general seem to always generate some form of Nike basketball shoes, but is it really necessary or versatile to have forty pairs of skittle colored shoes? How many shoes do you need to wear in a game? Do you even play basketball? Fear not, one pair though is acceptable and can be a nice bold statement. With only one pair of basketball shoes, you can still be in trend and save yourself and your parents a fortune. A simple trend, afore mentioned in the girls section, is a pair of the timeless Converse. Nike Airforces, also in style for fall, can be a year long trend too.

Now with so many trends, prices, styles, and seasons it can be hard to find a style you like, but have no fear, with Black Friday coming up, you can save a lot and still be trendy! For class and sophistication, Nordstrom, H&M, Anthroplogie, Forever 21, and American Apparel will leave you in awe. For a grungy look, go thrift shopping! Portland has several consignment shops downtown that sells unique clothing for a nice price. If you are still hung up on summer but want to stay warm, stores like Pac Sun, Urban Outfitters, and Free People sell cute and warm Cali inspired clothing. Last but not least, a simpler look can be achieved by heading over to the Gap, Old Navy, and J.Crew. Happy huntings!