The Paw

Fall trends

By Eva McConnell, Staff Writer

October 26, 2014

With fall in session, it's time to start turning in your sandals for boots, and shorts for jeans. So, what exactly should you wear to keep warm and still be trendy? From spending my time people watching in the hallways at school an...

Black Friday madness: the top 3 stores to visit

By Linh Le, Staff Writer

November 28, 2013

With countless advertisements on the radio, television, and newspaper, it’s hard to know which store to shop at on Black Friday. It’s also difficult to choose a store that has the best sales such as who really means it whe...

Shopping for Homecoming Dresses

By Lauren Schrader

October 6, 2012

As Homecoming approaches fast, some girls continue to search for that one perfect dress to wear. One of the most popular stores to go dress hunting at is Forever 21. You can always count on them having stylish yet affordable...