Shopping for Homecoming Dresses

By Lauren Schrader

As Homecoming approaches fast, some girls continue to search for that one perfect dress to wear.

One of the most popular stores to go dress hunting at is Forever 21. You can always count on them having stylish yet affordable dresses. It’s also an especially good option if you plan on investing more money on your shoes. For a more formal looking dress, great stores to try are Macy’s, Romy, and Nordstrom. These stores all offer great choices but you may have to dig a bit deeper than just the first rack to find that perfect dress.

“My dress is from Ross. It was only like $15 so it was super inexpensive but still really cute! Its red and kind of form-fitting with one sleeve and I just love it,” said Cassidy Ristad, sophomore.

When choosing a style, strapless or one-shouldered dresses are both very popular this season. Although most Homecoming dresses do tend to be shorter, you can try a fun and flattering high-low dress that cuts at about the knees or shorter in the front and goes to the lower legs in the back. Always make sure that you test out a new style to make sure you will be able to dance in it all night!

To avoid being caught in the same dress as another girl, accessorize it to make it your own! A dress can be drastically changed with just a few key pieces, while still maintaining it’s look. For example, a cute pair of earrings or a necklace can accentuate the subtle details of a dress. Try getting a pair of shoes that bring out the color of the dress by having the two contrast each other. Always make sure that the type of the shoes go well with the style of the dress

Even though it is a statement that is repeated over and over, it really is best to choose something comfortable. Besides, there is nothing worse than having a wardrobe malfunction during that slow dance! To avoid these, make sure you are well prepared! If you have never tried a particularly risque trend, try wearing it around the house to make sure you won’t have any problems.

With so many choices, most people simply get overwhelmed. So, keep your shopping experience fun by bringing some friends along! Not only can they keep the mood light, but they can also give you great advice on what suits you. Remember that for Homecoming, you really can’t go wrong with anything you choose. It is one day of the few days of the year that you can dress up and not overdo it. So make sure that above all, you have fun!