Alzheimers Disease

By Eva McConnell, Staff Writer

   What is Alzheimer’s Disease? Some of you may have heard the term or know of someone who has it, but not many know the meaning and effects behind the label. Alzheimer’s Disease is a serious progressive mental detioration in the brain that can occur when you’re middle aged or older. This disease causes many probelms such as severe memory loss, and physical difficulty which over time can worsen and lead to death. Alzheimer’s has no current cure, but treatments for symptoms are available as research continues.

 Tigard High’s own student, Senior Corey Fusick’s project consisted of him making over 150 bowls and auctioning them off at the Alzheimer’s dinner he hosted on Thursday night which had a big turn out. Fusick opens up about his NAHS (National Art Honor Society)  project and how this experience has effected his life and the others around him.

Fusick said, “I started this out as an NAHS project and I knew that I wanted to have pottery be part of it because I’ve been doing pottery for four years and it’s one of my passions. Alzheimer’s I’m tied to because my grandma was diagnosed seven years ago and over the past years I’ve seen the effect it has had on her, the effect its had on my family, and I know that many other people are effected by the disease.”

Fusick has so far raised an impressive 5,500 dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association and hopes to have raised more than seven thousand dollars by the end of his project.

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