Sun’s out, guns out

By Tate Watson, Staff Writer

It seems like Oregon has finally realized spring is upon us and let the sun shine through the gloom and grey clouds. If you haven’t already seen the weather forecast, the beautiful weather that’s been outside for the past two days is going to continue and temperatures will keep on rising until they reach the high 80s! Take advantage of the sun while it’s out by trying one of these fun activities.

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Visit the tulip festival

The annual tulip fest at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is going on right now and has a bounty of beautiful flowers all in bloom. The festival ends on May 4th so hurry over to Woodburn where the farm is to smell the tulips, take a picture with the giant wooden clogs they have, and ride in a old fashioned hay wagon out to the tulip fields.

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Take a hike

There’s no better way to enjoy the weather to be right out in the sunshine and nature. Going on a hike with friends is a fun way to get outside and even get in some exercise! Tryon Creek State Park in Portland offers trails for both beginners and advanced hikers and even has worksheets online on the types of birds, trees, and wildlife that reside in the park that you can try to identify.


Go to the zoo

Oregon has one of the most beautiful and expansive zoos in the country so take advantage of it while you’re living here! Spend some time checking out the elephants, tigers, and new baby lion cubs (who, according to the zoo’s website, will be outside from 9 am- 1pm every day). The zoo has a variety of places to eat for lunch and you can easily spend the entire day checking out the exhibits.

Whether you decide to plan a day trip to one of the above places or just decide to lay out in your own backyard soaking up some Vitamin D, get outside and enjoy the sun while you can! Although summer’s not too far away, knowing Oregon the rain won’t stay away for long.