Seniors win scholarships


The class of 2017 was recognized for securing 5.3 million dollars in scholarship offers at the senior awards assembly on June 8.

The students awarded local scholarships were Eddie Bednarek, Evan Kirschbaum, Hannah Curry, Gwen Nave-Powers, Rachel Keenan, Adam LaFountain, Nick Speth, Shelly Langwell, Isaiah Jackman, Luke Hulquist, Parker Kuntz, Kristen Fox, Hunter Hughes, Edgar Espinoza, Allie Krogh, Darilyn Distant, Victoria Lui, Nia Murat, Lauren Turner, Brett Thomas, Dante Friesen, Jacob Walter, Carla Chavez, Yulissa Santana, Jordan Lockrem, Hoang Nguyen, Jared Muralt, Kristen Fox, Caleb Johnson, Cassidy, Thornton, Taylor Smith, Caleigh Smith, Zach Rough, Josephine Pelaez, Brittany Eng, Lauren Brown, Peter Kwak, and Thuy-Vy Nguyen. Local scholarships totaling over $140,600. Brett Thomas and Jessa Barense were awarded Student Athlete of the Year.

This year’s valedictorians are Jessa Barense, Drew Black, Lauren Brown, Natalie Clark, Genevieve Connolly, Cara Eaton, Camryn Flint, Kristen Fox, Maiah Goodell, Elizabeth Kerns, Evan Kirschbaum, Natalia Kurpiel, Peter Kwak, Teagan Langseth-Depaolis, Tyler Mack, Jaymi Mcnabb, Nia Murat, Thuy-Vy Nguyen, Kendal Otness, Kai Pinckard, Emily Rinehart, Elizabeth Schweitz, Nourhan Shams, Taylor Smith, Cheyenne Stateler, Cole Swanson, Cassidy Thornton, and Jacob Walter. This year there are six Commended National Merit Scholars: Drew Black, Genevieve Connolly, Evan Kirschbaum, Natalia Kurpiel, Kai Pinckard, and Jacob Walter. The two National Merit Finalists were Annika Esau and Britta Harbury.

This year’s seniors received over 300 cords, the students who received these cords made the decision to pursue their passion in a significant way. Cords are awarded for participation in different organizations  such as Theater, Leadership, National Honors Society, IB classes, Honors School, Business or a foreign language.

Alex Lopez an AVID senior earned the Act Six Scholarship and will be attending George Fox University for four years with all expenses paid, this award totals over 200,000 dollars. The student body also paid a special thanks to the select few that are going into the armed forces.

Administrators were proud of the efforts and awards of the senior class. See photos of the award winners under our Event Photos tab.