The Tigard army’s future

By Sydney White, Staff Writer

It is commonly heard among students and staff that THS has one of the strongest student sections, referred to as the “Tigard Army”, in the state of Oregon for high school football. Tigard football is loved by thousands at the school and in the surrounding community, but what about the other sports?

Though football may be the most popular high school sport to watch, it seems as if students completely forget to support other sports once football season is over. Student sections for sports such as basketball or volleyball are relatively small, however, support for athletics including baseball and softball or swimming, along with most sports, are nonexistent. Though for certain sports it’s not respectful or traditional to have a student section or cheering, support is always appreciated.

“Our student section is amazing for football and we just wish it was better for other sports as well,” said junior Elise Conroy.

Advertising and making game times well known would help tremendously on bringing students to games. Although some sports don’t get the support they truely deserve or want, if they want to establish a student section for their team, advertising around the school and social media will help with the process. Although it should not be completely up to the athletes, the Tigard army should support all sports, not just football and the popular sports within the school.