Tigard beats West Linn

By Taylor Wilhoit, Staff Writer

Rain doesn’t deter the Tigard football team or it’s fans. An undefeated team, the tigers beat the lions this weekend 45-35. Things started heating up in the last half as the players on both teams scrambled to score a touchdown in the drizzle. The game ended with West Linn scoring a touchdown at 0:00, but it wasn’t enough for them to secure a win.

“My favorite part was the excitement, the feeling, the game was just a great game,” said sophomore Gavin Kim.

With students cheering in their “american-out” clothes, the energy was up despite the rain. “I go to the games to support the players and to support the school and I love that we all can come together and cheer over one name,” said junior Brianna Bodea. And they did. With the cheerleaders in front leading “Red Hot” and “Keep on Truckin’ All the Way” and the students yelling from the stands, they cheered their team onto victory

This game marks Tigard’s seventh win out of seven games. With all the work the players put into football, as well as being regular high school students, it takes a lot to be part of the team. “The hardest part is putting all the effort and time into it, and the most rewarding part is probably making all the great memories with great people,” said junior Cole Harrington. Harrington is one of the players who is out for the time being because of an injury. Senior JT Greenough, starting quarterback, was able to play tonight after missing last week’s game due to a broken finger on his non-throwing hand. From concussions to torn ACLs, the tigers just “keep on truckin’ all the way.”