“Frozen 2” stuns the box office and family’s hearts

The hit movie “Frozen” is back with a sequel. Check out the review from Advertising Manager Katelyn Wilhoit before going to watch it this holiday season.


Photo courtesy of Google

Advertising poster for Frozen 2. Features main characters Anna, played by Kristen Bell, and Elsa, played by Idina Menzel.

By Katelyn Wilhoit, Advertising Manager

     After a long 6 years of waiting, “Frozen 2”, co-directed by Chris Buck with screenwriter Jennifer Lee, has finally come to theaters across the world. The movie follows Anna, her magical sister Elsa, and their magical snowman Olaf, all played by Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Josh Gad, respectively. The sequel to the wildly popular animated film “Frozen”, released in 2013, takes viewers on an adventure with lots of laughs, smiles, and tears. 

     Unlike the first movie, “Frozen 2” is targeted towards older teenagers, as it heavily focuses on growing up, lives changing, and how to properly deal with feelings. Throughout the film, Elsa pursues a newfound calling. She chases a mysterious voice that leads her to discover her past and set things right between her people and the Kingdom she leads. Elsa chasing her calling resonates with a lot of teens pursuing their dreams and goals and struggling to find what those are, as it’s a vital part of growing up.

     In the six years between “Frozen” and “Frozen 2”, the quality of the visuals have increased greatly. The attention to detail is astonishing, and draws you into the movie. The movie’s music was also an impressive component, featuring another hit song titled “Into the Unknown”, sung by Idina Menzel and Aurora. Jonathan Groff, who plays Kristoff, also has more than just a jingle with his new song “Lost in the Woods,” which appealed to many parents watching as the song was based off of various 80’s songs and music videos. In the song, he expresses his feelings about his fear of losing Anna and the relationship they have. 

     It was a good movie for families of all ages as it entertained parents, teens, and little kids. There was something in this movie for everyone, which is always a positive when it comes to a light-hearted, entertaining, family-friendly movie.