Eat a better burger


Bonifacio Yuzon

The Bailey Burger is made with lettuce, cheese, tomato, and the restaurant’s special “awesome sauce”.

By James Favot, Bonifacio Yuzon

Bailey’s Burger Shop, comfortably located on Main Street, is the perfect place to eat with friends or grab a quick bite. The appetizing food and welcoming environment make for a terrific restaurant that’s not too far from home.

Right when they enter the building, customers are greeted with a distinct atmosphere reminiscent of burger joints from the ‘50s and ‘60s, from the old movie posters hung along the walls to the lively classical music playing in the background. The food is served on bright red trays with checkered paper, and retro soda fridges hold bottled drinks. There’s even a neon sign lighting the way to the restroom.

The small square footage means the building can get packed at times, but the indoor and outdoor seating can adequately accommodate quite a few customers. The restaurant has a small pool of employees who all bring friendly service with a smile. With only two or three people working at a time, the place is managed surprisingly quickly even on busy days.

Everything is served hot and fresh, and customers can watch the food being cooked from behind the counter. Bailey’s offers the speed and efficiency of a general fast food joint with the quality one would expect from restaurants with longer waits.

The burgers, being their staple item, are consistently cooked to a degree of excellence that can’t be found anywhere nearby. Though their burger menu is usually limited to two options—the Bailey Burger with its special “awesome sauce” and the Zuzu Burger with caramelized onions and Monterey Jack cheese—both are delicious choices. In addition, Bailey’s occasionally serves limited-time burgers like their Yoda Burger, Big Lebowski Burger, and Rambo Burger, all of which complement the restaurant’s pop culture theme.

James Favot
Bailey’s serves hot, tender chicken strips with fries.

Aside from their signature burgers, Bailey’s cooks up a variety of other foods including crispy chicken strips, two types of French fries, and chili hot dogs. They also serve milkshakes in a wide variety of flavors, from chocolate and vanilla to huckleberry and raspberry truffle. Every so often, Bailey’s bakes a fresh batch of rich, filling brownies which serve as the perfect treat after lunch or dinner.

All of their food is cooked with fresh ingredients, providing a noticeable quality compared to other ‘fast food’ restaurants. Their fries are soft and golden with a light crisp, and just the right amount of salt is added. Hot off the stove, the chicken strips are thinly breaded and tender.

The chili on the hot dogs is ground up well and topped with shredded cheese. Even the ketchup is locally made in Portland, and the difference in taste certainly stands out from a store-bought bottle.

The milkshakes are the only substandard item on the menu. Though they are made to order and certainly taste flavorful, the shakes can be rather thin or syrupy. The chocolate shake especially seems to fluctuate in quality; however, it’s a small downfall to a menu of otherwise fantastic food.

Overall, its comforting aura and delicious food makes Bailey’s a great place for a casual meal. The menu is fairly priced for the overall quality of the food and ingredients, and the service never fails to impress. It’s worth checking out during your next visit to Main Street.