A look at a local diner

Davidson’s serves up comfort food in Tigard


By Avery Smith

When you think of extravagant food, you might picture something exotic or far away, like a French bakery or an Italian restaurant. However, if you’re looking for a good eat not far from home, try Davidson’s Casual Dining, located right off of Pacific Highway. Davidson’s mainly serves classic Southern-style comfort food but features an array of food from other cuisines as well, including seafood, sandwiches, pastas, and Mexican food.

     When you first enter Davidson’s, you’ll notice the eye-catching revolving wheel of cakes and pastries. Right next to the wheel will be a friendly, helpful face immediately ready to direct you to your seat. The wait times aren’t too long and they waste no time getting you seated and taking your order as soon as possible. The service is quite satisfactory here; the restaurant keeps you occupied with appetizers of soup and salads until your main course has arrived.

     The menu itself has a massive selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner entrées for the whole family. Some of their noteworthy options include pastas, soups, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, and pies. On top of that, Davidson’s also serves great dinner rolls with butter to go along with your appetizer of navy bean soup. They also supply you with a steady stream of crackers. To mix things up, Davidson’s has a different special every day. I had the beef stroganoff, which is a dish of pasta with beef, mushrooms, and sour cream. The sour cream mixed incredibly with the beef, and the mushrooms made a savory sauce that effortlessly complimented the noodles.

     In short, Davidson’s has something for everyone. It doesn’t necessarily push any culinary boundaries with anything new or unique, but it continues to serve amazing classics every day.