The Pledge begins with “I” and ends in “all”

Our Opinion, an editorial by the publications staff


Before winter break, we published a story that covered the new school policy on offering up the opportunity to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and this week the policy took effect.


In this politically divisive time, the decision to start saying the pledge may seem controversial, but it was not a choice that anyone in the school made. Our school has been out of compliance with an Oregon law that requires we, as public school students, be given the opportunity to rise and say the pledge—or respectfully sit in silence—for at least a decade. There’s nothing that the administration can do about it, because if they did they’d be breaking the law.


High school is a place where we aren’t given much choice. We’re required to be here, follow the rules, and turn in our assignments, but now we have a choice to stand and say the pledge or stay seated. It’s a small choice, but a choice we can make for ourselves nonetheless. No one can force us to stand, and no one can pressure us to sit.


A poll on The Paw’s Twitter account with 100 votes at the time of writing shows how divided we are on this issue as a school; 45 percent agree that being given the opportunity to recite the pledge once a week is a good thing, 30 percent don’t agree, and 25 percent are unsure of their position. With this being such a divisive issue, it’s important that we be respectful of everyone’s decision regardless of if they choose to stand or to sit. It does no one any good to divide us further by being disrespectful of the choice our peers make on this matter.


If you have a serious issue with the law that we’re now in compliance with, the best person to contact is your House Representative. While the school has no power over the law, your representative does. Margaret Doherty is the House Representative for House District 35 and can be contacted at 503-986-1435 or at [email protected]. If you think you might be in a different district, you can find your representative at


The pledge starts with “I” and ends with “all.” So Tigard students, make your choice; be true to the I and respect all.