Vacation spots this summer

By Hallie O'Connor, Staff Writer

  1. Sunriver


Sunriver is located in Deschutes County, Oregon about 3 and a half hours south of Tigard. In the summer Sunriver’s weather tends to be warm and dry allowing there to be many activities to try.


Sunriver is great for it’s, “Really cute community and the trails for walking and bike rides,” sophomore Marci Mills said.


Notable trails include the 6.6 mile Trail to Benham Falls which is great for hiking, walking, mountain biking, and can be used year round. Along the trail one can see the Deschutes River, beautiful scenery, and Oregon wildlife if you’re quiet. It’s also one of the easier treks, great for all ages, and perfect for families. Other trails include the Fall River Trail, Central Oregon Canal Trail, Big Sky Park Trail, and the COCC Shelvin Park Trail.


Other great places to go are the Oregon Observatory and the Paulina Plunge. At the Oregon Observatory you can see tons of twinkling stars, meteor showers, and learn all about the galaxy. It’s the best place to see space. The Paulina Plunge offers an exciting trip down the Paulina mountains, where you can learn about the ancient indigenous people and visit six waterfalls. It’s safe and fun for the whole family.


Sunriver is a great vacation spot for people who like to get out and explore. For those who love adventure, “It’s nice and outdoorsy,” Ryan Wilkerson said.


  1. Crater Lake


Scenic Crater Lake, located in southern Oregon’s cascade mountains, is a favorite spot for many. It’s about a 4 hour drive from Tigard, Oregon to Crater Lake National Park.  The famous spot was formed around 7,700 years ago by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama, and is famous for its water’s clarity and deep blue coloring. The park is full of beautiful sights and lots of trails.


“I like the nature there, being outdoors, and there are great places for hiking,” French teacher Madame Williams said.


From mid-June to late September anyone can go camping in Crater Lake’s Mazama Village Campground. With spots for tents and RVs, Crater Lake’s beauty can be experienced up close. The campground includes fire rings, picnic tables, public showers, restrooms, a restaurant, and a gift shop. Smaller Lost Creek Campground is open from July to early October.


If looking at the water from the trails isn’t enough Crater Lake offers boat tours. To take a boat tour there is first a 1.1 mile hike to the boat dock.

There are three boat tour options.

  1. The Standard Lake Cruise: offers a learning experience about the lake’s history, cultural significance, and geology.
  2. The Wizard Island Tour: allows a hike of Wizard Island.
  3. The Wizard Island Shuttle: can include hiking Wizard Island, fishing, or swimming.


All boat tours involve great views of the lake. “[It] is very blue and pretty,” sophomore Gabrielle Abraham said.


  1. Oregon Coast


Oregon is home to the beautiful 363 mile Oregon Coast. It is a timeless, favorite vacation spot of many. Full of many great activities such as hiking, playing in the sand, seeing marine life, flying kites, and walking along the beach.


“It’s pretty cold but if you’re brave enough it can be fun to play in,” Daniel Au said about the water.


“I get to enjoy the fact that I can never swim happily in the water. Though the rocks are interesting and it’s nice to watch the sunset on the beach,” sophomore Becky Killion said.


Killion like many others also enjoy making night time bonfires and watching the fireworks on Fourth of July.


  1. Horning’s Hideout


If you’re really eager to go on vacation but don’t feel like straying too far, Horning’s Hideout is a great option at only 34 minutes north of Tigard. This great getaway offers options for camping, picnicking, disc golfing, rainbow trout fishing, concerts, and weddings. Possibly the best of all the spots because it is dog friendly so, expect to see many adorable furballs.


General admission is $4 and it is open 8am to 6pm. With fishing hours lasting Thursday-Monday 8am to 5pm, at $7 per pound.


One of Horning’s Hideout’s best features is its feathery peacock friends. While walking through the area one can spot bright, colorful, peacocks you probably wouldn’t see outside your house.


“The peacocks are really fun to see and they have really good trails,” avid animal lover Daisy Madison said.


With tons of fun activities and interesting wildlife Horning’s Hideout makes for a wonderfully unique experience.


  1. Bend


Heading back to Deschutes County, Oregon Bend is always a great option for Tigard students and families to have an in state vacation. As in most Oregon locations in Bend Oregon you can go hiking, biking, and walking along various beautiful trails.


One fun educational place to visit is the High Desert Museum. There you can see exhibits on the west, Native Americans, and early settlers. If you love animals the museum offers many fun animal sights and opportunities to learn about them. All around a great place.


Bend’s not just about learning and hiking, you can also just relax depending on where you stay. “Laying by the pool and seeing cute guys,” Killion commented what she remembered most about her time in Bend.


So if any Tigard gals or guys wanna meet some new people, maybe suggest a trip to Bend to your families. “It’s nice there and there are a lot of hot guys,” sophomore Kennedy Parish said.


Getting back to the overall feel and wonderful outdoors of Bend, many love just going outside and being in the nature around Bend. “It’s nice, I like the smell there,” says freshman Tyler Fieldhouse.


Bend is a great place for any family trip. It offers a variety of activities from exploring the outdoors, to walking through museums, to relaxing by the pool. Bend has something for everyone.