Beauty trends 2016: Eyebrow edition

By Paulina Luong, Student writer

Lately in the U.S., having thicker, fuller eyebrows has been the biggest beauty rave spreading through the country. From eyebrow threading to brow pencils for filling and shaping to brow gels to seal all your hard work, there are a variety of techniques and tools to get the new look.

A lot of people don’t really know how much of a difference your eyebrows can really make to your appearance. Through the centuries, the evolution of eyebrows is still a dominant topic over beauty trends; not too long ago the trend that took over was over-plucked, thin, and sparse brows. Today, we can see that having thicker, fuller eyebrows is a desire. Although we know that not everyone has thick, full brows, eyebrow products have become a staple for achieving a desired eyebrow shape.

According to the article The History of Women and Their Eyebrows, within about three decades, “Brooke Shields and Madonna, leading the movement […] the bushier, the better, baby.” As of today, this is what’s in and set in high demand. In the 90’s, Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson reversed the Shields and Madonna trend by popularizing the thinned-out brow look.

“I definitely have to put more effort into my brows with the new importance of eyebrows  shaping your whole look,” emphasized freshman Aisa Larsen. “People are just now realizing how important eyebrows are and how different eyebrow shapes can change your face.”

Larsen is a fan of model Cara Delevingne’s thick, dark brows compared to her dirty blonde hair. A lot of people into beauty have been desiring for this exact description to apply to themselves. Over time, having “fleek” eyebrows became such an important and crucial role of people’s beauty. There are several diverse eyebrow trends out there and they’re all based off of one big thing: the arch of the brows.

Freshman Daphne Hernandez believes Zendaya; an actress, singer and dancer who appears on Shake It Up on the Disney Channel, sets the best eyebrow trends. “She has a good arch in her brows, it’s a good shape for her face and it just fits in and completes her look,” Hernandez claims.

Freshman Jayleen Calderon thinks the tools you use are important.  “The most common products everyone has been using lately are eyebrow spoolies, brow pencils, and gels; mostly from the makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills.”  Calderon appreciates the freedom these products give her, “[…]it’s because it’s a big part of your face; you can do whatever you want with them; experiment,” says Calderon.

Eyebrow spoolies are a must for getting your brows done or filled; a spoolie looks similar to a mascara wand, except it’s a bit more dense to brush through your eyebrow hairs. Brow pencils look just like a colored pencil; it’s used to stroke through your brows to gradually fill them in to your liking. Gels also look similar to mascara wands, but they have a tinted coating to keep your eyebrow hairs sealed.

Within the next few decades, there will be new eyebrow looks and tools to adapt to. We as society should be able to feel confident with what we feel is comfortable and appealing to ourselves.