Halloween activities

By Sydney White, staff writer

With halloween right around the corner, people are getting ready for the fun and eventful holiday, do you know what are you doing?

There are hundreds of fun things you can do for the night for for the surrounding weeks. One of the most popular being a trip to the pumpkin patch. Local farms are great places to get fresh pumpkins along with that comes fun activities to entertain you and whoever you go with. It’s a great way to get your fall outdoor fix and having a great time while doing it. Throughout the school, hundreds of people have been visiting the pumpkin patch with their friends for some fun.

“I went to the pumpkin patch with my friends and it was fun because there was a lot to do and a lot of pumpkins,” said junior Zack Jacobs.

Another great thing to do is to visit a haunted house or a haunted corn maze. With a ton of Halloween activities, haunted houses or a haunted corn mazes are for those who actually want a scare. New horror movies have been recently advertised, appearing in the month of October just in time for Halloween. New movies such as “Annabelle” and “Ouija” have been popular in theaters so far this season. To finish up the weeks leading to Halloween, a party is always a fun way to spend the holiday. It’s also an excuse to get creative and decorate while also dressing up however you want for the night. Most importantly, Tigard football’s final league game is on Halloween night. So for those who want to come support their school to round off the season, the game is a home game at seven P.M.

Whether you know what you’re doing for the night or not, there are a ton of fun activities to chose to whatever activity best suites you. From haunted houses, to a Halloween party, or corn mazes to the football game, there are hundreds of things to chose from.