Pre-prom checklist

By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

It’s crunch time prom-goers. With only a few days left before the magic night of diamonds and 007, you’ll want to be absolutely positive you have everything together before the looming May 10 date. Follow this checklist (applying to girls and guys) for a stess-free and memorable prom night.



-Finalize transportation with your group or date. Or at least bribe a parent into chauffeuring a bunch of teenagers to downtown Portland.

-Establish pre-prom photos location and time, and inform others (especially parents) of the plan.

-Take some laps in your shoes to make sure you’ll be able to walk all night. Or pick up some Doctor Scholls massaging gel liners.

-Order your date’s boutonniere/corsage.

-Try on your clothes to make sure everything fits comfortably. No one enjoys restrained dancing.

-Care for your skin. Exfoliate and moisturize but don’t experiment with new products, tweeze your eyebrows, whatever makes your face feel clean and healthy.

-Girls, be sure to double check your hair/makeup appointments, and make sure you have photos of styles you like. Pinterest is a great way to organize what to show your hairdresser or makeup artist for a perfect look!


The night before

-Relax! Play video games. Hang out with friends. Paint your nails. Eat some ice cream. Get your beauty sleep.


The day of

-Don’t panic. Just kidding, freak out.

-Really, don’t panic.

-Attend your appointments, if any.

-Pick up your date’s boutonniere/corsage.

-Touch up your hair and makeup.

-Guys, please shave. These pictures will last your entire life.

-Deodorant is strongly suggested.

-Perfume/cologne is a nice touch as well.

-Make sure you have essentials your purse or wallet: tickets, students ID, mints, some cash, your phone or camera, and maybe touch up makeup if needed.

Once everything is checked off, you’re good to go! Meet your friends and/or date, and have a great dancing the night away.