Leadership brings publicity wall to life

By Jacob Jones, Online newspaper editor

While the names on the publicity wall are made known to lots of students, the people behind the publicity wall often go unrecognized.

Nicole Bintliff, senior ASB leadership student, is in charge of a small committee whose job it is to select names of students and put them up on the publicity wall, which is located in the main hall.

“Usually it takes a week or so to find a student to highlight on the publicity wall,” said Bintliff. “We provide an email for students or staff to send in a nomination of an individual’s name and their accomplishments of who they think deserve recognition…”

Bintliff believes that their hard work pays off: “It’s so rewarding to recognize people for their accomplishments… This is the first time we have done anything like this so it’s quite the experience to put on.”

One of the many ways you can nominate a student to be recognized on the publicity wall is by emailing [email protected].