Best of Italy: summer 2014

Best of Italy: summer 2014

By Tate Watson, Staff Writer

Don’t have any plans for next summer? Want to travel across the world and learn about a different culture? Do you like pasta? If the answer to any of the above questions is a “yes”, english teacher McKenzie Coulson and social studies teacher Steve Naylor have the perfect trip planned for you.

In June  of 2014,  Coulson and Naylor are planning to take 15-20 Tigard high students on an educational trip to Italy where they will have the chance to sightsee and experience everything Italy has to offer. Students will get to visit cities in Italy such as Rome, Venice, and Florence. Historical sites and popular tourist attractions will be visited, including the Colosseum in Rome, the David statue in Florence, and gelato shops all over the country.

Thanks to the program, students will be taken around by bus and will be able to jump to the front of the line for tours at historical sites, bypassing the hordes of tourists. The goal of this trip is to see as much of Italy as possible and to experience the culture, therefore the itinerary will be packed with activities and tours.

The trip is open to juniors and seniors. For seniors, the trip will let you experience more of the world and different cultures before going off to college and could be a great senior trip. Students can potentially get college credit for going on this trip and can request college letters of recommendations from Naylor and Coulson highlighting the trip and the experiences partaken in.

Coulson and Naylor encourage everyone to go on the trip, they believe that “international travel not only gives students new perspectives of the the world around them, but also new perspectives of themselves.”

An enrollment meeting for students and parents with more information about the trip and the cost will be held on Oct. 10 at 6 p.m. in room 214 at the high school. Flyers with information and RSVP slips are available in room 214 and room 217.

Space for the trip is very limited, but parents can guarantee their child a spot on the trip by registering online or at the meeting with a down payment of $95. The deadline to register for this trip is Oct. 31.

For more information on the itinerary and the program go to:

For more information on the trip and the parent night contact:

Steve Naylor- [email protected] (503-431-5515)

McKenzie Coulson- [email protected] (503-431-5513)