The babies are back


Madi Eaton

Sophomore Alli Bilodeau cradles one of the babies.

By Sophie Peterson, Staff Writer

As you may have already noticed, the extremely creepy yet somehow cute fake babies are back! Mr. Hummel’s Health 2 students are given the option (don’t worry baby-haters, this assignment isn’t required) to take care of these amazingly realistic robot-babies for 50 extra credit points. The Real Care Baby Edition 2 has a lot of the same needs that a real baby does: rocking, feeding, diaper-changing, burping and a lot of attention. Here’s what some people around school have to say.

“I’m definitely going to do the baby project,” says freshman Brittnee Webb. “It seems so fun. I also think [the project] is a good idea because it shows kids that they’re not ready to be a mom or a dad. It shows you how much responsibility this stuff takes.”

“The baby project has its benefits. It’s somewhat disruptive since the students have to go in the hallway to deal with the baby when it’s crying, but altogether a real baby would cause a bigger problem. If the student has the time and can afford to miss a few minutes from each of their classes, having the fake baby is a great idea. It teaches responsibility,” says sophomore history teacher, John Weber.

“I’ve had many, many students with the fake babies and I think they’re hilarious. The babies interfere with class time a little bit, but it’s only for one week and it teaches kids how hard it is to have kids! It’s better to have fake babies around the school anyway, that way Monsieur Hunt won’t eat any real ones,” says French and Spanish teacher Julie Carlsen.

As you can see, the baby simulation project gets great reviews! It’s a great way to gain some responsibility and stress-management skills. This project shows students what it’s really like to have a baby, without really having a baby.

This project can be very fun, but be warned! Your robot baby will wake you up in the middle of the night. It will cry during your classes. It won’t stop crying for up to an hour if it’s feeling fussy. And if that doesn’t scare you off… If your baby is not taken care of properly (its head isn’t supported, it isn’t fed in time, its diaper isn’t changed etc.) you will lose points. Just like in real life, you cannot stick your baby in your locker and call it good.

The 50 extra credit points aren’t guaranteed, so take this seriously if you choose to participate. In the great words of Juno, “This is one doodle that can’t be undid, home-skillet.”